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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 22, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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pass passion about. >> pope francis arrives on american soil. greeted by a joyous crowd of well wishers that included the president and the first family. good evening i'm dan ash limit amma is on assignment. pope is resting in washington tonight for 6 day journey that will also take him to new york and philadelphia. visit also mark the first cannon on american soil. amma is there but we fwip with karen live in washington with more. karen? >>reporter: good evening. the next 2 days will be unlike anything washington dc has ever seen. roads here around the capitol already shut down. tomorrow morning 15,000 people expected to greet the pope at the witness house. another 2 25,000 will attend the mass with him. here in washington
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we are used to vip and motorcade but many people are saying this visit is something special. pope francis arrived here in the u.s. to massive excited crowd and the very all american cheer. the first latin american pope. jesuit and former archbishop of buenos aires hailed as revolutionary by some. others believe he strayed too far from the church conservative tradition. he talk to reporters on the flight from cuba to washington was asked specifically about this newsweek cover that asks is the pope catholic? >> some people think i'm a bit left he said but this is an error and i am certain i have not said one thing that is not within the social doctrine of the church n.washington, the pope will sit down at the white house with president obama who called him a trans formative leader. on thursday he will deliver a speech to congress.
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papal first. >> i think things we will hear are income disparity in the poor. something about the virment and something about migrant and refugee issues visits immense security challenge. large crowds expected in every city but true to the humble nature of pope francis the visit isn't just about v.i.p. meetings and large speeches. instead of dining with members of congress he will have lunch with hom homeless people. in a tent set up outside on a strechlt moments leak that that make francis so popular. first time in 20 years majority of miles per hour catholic say the church is in touch with their views. and 9 and 10 say they approve the direction francis is taking in the church. >> from direction is a notable shift from presented test or. the pope hasn't shied away from pushing agenda. agenda some catholic say is listening overdue and necessary for change. reporting live from work top, abc news. >> all right thanks karen very much.
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>> here is the pope schedule for tomorrow in rn time at the then:15 the pope meets with president obama at the white house. at approximately 11:00 a.m. there will be a papal paradeal the national mall. at 11:30 the pope will attend midday prayers at saint matthews cathedral and 4:15 the mass of cannon willow occur at the national slain of the immaculate cop exception. as i said amma is in washington covering the pope visit. she will be live for us tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. later in the newscast amma will examine in the controversial decision to mick father sierra a saint. argument being made by native americans for and against it. that's coming at 9:30. so please stay tune for. that. >> in the men time let manufacture on. freak crash cost one woman her life and injured several others this morning at livermore good. we were over the scene this morning. police say car smashed right through the front door. laura anthony has the
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story. >> it happened in an instant during an early morning exercise class when suddenly a white mercedes suv roared through the life styles rx gym crashing through the wall where several people were working ou out. there. >> there was app 80-year-old livermore resident trying to park her car in front of the gym. we believe she had pedal confusion where you hit the if gas instead of the brake. went through the gym crashing into a classroom. >>reporter: lawrence livermore laboratory confirms it was their chef financial officer 4 49-year-old katie baker who died prosecute her jersey. in a statement lab director bill goldstein said yet this is a tragedy for her immediate why the family as well as her lab family. katie was special person and valued member of our lost. hard to put in words just how much she will be missed. 5 other people inside the gym were also hurt none of them seriously. baker was named cf o in 2012 after
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working at the lab for 11 years prior to her prosecute motion. we identified the woman driving the mercedes suv as 80-year-old the monica deacon also of liver moyvrment as people get to 80 or older and even 70's they have had a hard life consider possibly giving up driving and i say that only if it really impedes in some which. >> deacon not seriously hurt and not cited at the scene but could the face charges pending out come of the investigation. this is abc 7 news. >> train slammed into a car in san m te'o tonight. happened at about 6:30 at the fourth avenue crossing in san mateo. you cap see it was smashed up. authorities not said what led to this crash. the driver though had my inner juniors. hundreds of people aboard the train. nobody hurt. cal train service shut down temporarily but fully restored in less than an hour. >> collision left motorcyclist
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dead on highway 101 in palo alto this evening. sky 7 hd over the freeway where it happened just before 6:00 o'clock but bus of the heavy traffic at rush hour it taking firefighters 11 minutes to arrive. chief of the menlo park fire protection district says it definitely had an impact on the ability of first respond investigators reach and help the victim. >> 1-year-old girl is in a concord hospital tonight after fall from second story balcony. happened at apartment building on 40's by court. police say she fell about 15 feet from the about coin and left handed on her head. helicopter took her to children hospital no word on how serious her injuries are but general she's hurt. >> the 3, 49er fans accused of beast up minnesota vikings fanless week were formally charged today with assault. is they face up to 4 years in prison and felix and eric face up to seven years. cell phone video show the september friend
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fight. witness say it started when 2 fans began trash talking went from there. security broke it up eventually. >> not a case about sports rivalry. team jersey. san francisco 49 error the minnesota vikings. this is a case about senseless criminal violence. >> incident prompted 2 santa clara county city council members to suggest the city stop alcohol sales after half time at the stadium. city council meeting on that issue is happening rate now. live update on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> tonight. santa clara county judge is ordering the parents of boy with autism and the former neighbors to deal with the conflict through mediation. the neighbors filed a lawsuit climateing that the boys with a threat to their safety. here's chris winn in san jose. >> at the sunny veil cul-de-sac open going dispute between neighbors. >> great reluctance we had to file this law saw it because we needed to protect the safety of all the children in the neighborhood. fight and his
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wife are the co-plaintiff in a door neighbors ifd against kliming the couple did not do enough to prevent their so that who has autism from assaulting they are children as well as other people in the neighborhood. they say the child aggression consistently got worse over 2 year period. today judge recommended 2 side head to immediate aiingts in october. co-plaintiff robert flowers welcome the dialogue. >> my hope is that when we meet the with the defendants the take we can finally at long last come to workable shrugs for beth parties. >> according to court documents the alleged attack happened on multiple occasions despite repeated request for the if family to asnis coming up with a neighborhood safety plan. they have since moved out of the home but still own it and renting it out. plaintiffs seeking daniels for past alleged abuse and assurance that the their son better supervised should the family return to the neighborhood. >> whether autistic child.
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whether it's neurotypical chil child, we all need to make sure that our children are acting in if safe manner and not violate in the public. >> autism advocate if the case eventually manufactures to trial could it set a negative precedent for children with developmental disability. the family hear declined our request for comment. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> memorial dedicated to so-called comfort the women can be built in san francisco. the board unanimously passed resolution this afternoon to establish memorial dead kited to the estimated 200,000 women forced in prostitution by the jap necessary imperial army. former comfort woman 87-year-old lee traveled the san francisco from korea to share her story. there are already memorials in the city of glendale and rohnert park. well more to bring you here on this busy tuesday night. coming up. president declares disaster in the valley fire. plus the search for shelter for
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hundreds of homeless family. where will they go. also shameful crime. who would steal dog wheelchair no kiddin kidding. here's sandhya with the foyvrjt and the forecast does include a mainly cool down today but i'll let you know if it carry over in the first day of fall coming up is that thanks. be said the pope the president of china has arrived in the united states. his key meeting with the president as sz. 7 news
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>> president obama signed disaster declaration for the valley fire in lake county. make federal aid available to local governments and people who have lost their homes or businesses. authorities today identify 2 men still missing after the fire. 61-year-old robert lich of middletown would refused to the 11 his home when the fire broke out. and 6 66-year-old robert fletcher of cobb who is retired and lived alone. his family not heard from him in two weeks new. cobb is the only town still under mandatory evacuation order. latest count shows more than 1900 family have been left homeless. cornell has more now on the story from middletown. >> first people were. we came the saturday. >>reporter: christine and her family and 3 dogs are packing
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up. they are getting ready to leave the place they have called home for 11 days. napa county fairgrounds. which will close thursday. the what are your plans for the future. >> just to sfm hopefully go home to cobb e-about 200 folk are still here but slowly tent are coming down. many thinking about the next move. napa county is helping with the transition. >> just making sure that the everybody has access because the folk need services for a really, really listening time. >>reporter: she lost her home in the fire storm. >> if i don't know whether we'll try to do. try to get back on our feet again. >>reporter: she will manufacture to the red cross shelter at the twin pine casino event center in middletown. 50 family will get temporary housing in kil kill can situationville at the harbor resort that reopen after closing back in 2009. following some minor rae pair the hotel owner will welcome evacuee on thursday. response teams from every insurance company imaginable are in lake
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county helping residents. mary work for company trying to find nearby housing for family but rate now the bay area is the closest option. >> we always try to get them as close as we can to their home. some people we have found out have already registered their kids at different schools. because they can't drive an hour and a half pack here to get into the school. >>reporter: many family are choose to go relocate. christine will stay. she plans to create a shelter of her own. >> hopefully we have a place to go home and if it's still ther there, which i'm pretty sure it is, ed we'll open our home to others to help them that have lost their homes. >>reporter: casino manager say there are about 100 pooh em in this shelter tonight with room for more by this weekend. 200 people could be staying here. in middle town, cornell, abc 7 news. >> firefighters make progress mopping up hot spots spots overnight in the butte fire. now almost 71,000 acres and 82 percent contained. some fire
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response crew called in to help out our heading home now lake station 4 in sunnyvale. crew araved home safe today after job well done. >> cal-trans planning to shut down petaluma boulevard south for 24 hours next sunday as they demolish an old bridge. street runs beneath highway 10 101. agency doing the work in 1, 24 hour period to the avoid several nights of closure. closure start sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. and will reopen monday at 5:00 a.m. assuming all best to well. there will be detour to get people around the construction. residents told to expect a lot of noise from the equipment that they will be running. >> listen to this disable dog wheelchair is missing tonight and san francisco family is calling for your help. buddha the 13-year-old pug is slowly losing the nerve function that allows him to one. family has to carry him for long sdnss and up and down the stars. well, a little over a we can ago somebody stole the wheelchair if the street while the dog owner was carrying him did you
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know the stairs. the owner says without the wheelchair boy it's hard for buddha to move. >> very uncomfortable for him. not able to go long distance at all. he was with his wheelchair he could go 2 to 3 miles and keep one our other dog and he was doing phenomena phenomenal. it was really good to see him kind of running again. >>reporter: family says the wheelchair cost them about 400 dollars. they have set autopsy go fund me account to help get buddha a new wheelchair which we hope happens soon. he's cute. >> very cute. >> all right let's turn the attention to the weather forecast. sandhya is here pl a little bit cooler today. but won't last. >> not going to last. dan just as season change tomorrow we warm it up quarterback. >> that's right. has takeoff summer. >> tomorrow morning 1:21 exactly when we welcome the new season. show you paparrazi rid arrest hope you are not too used to the big cool down today because reversal is going to happen. don't worry not
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expecting repeat of those triple digit yesterday. of we see limited low clouds along the coast license. plenty of it this afternoon. here's the time lapse from the emeryville camp are and how much cooler it got today. 31 degree drop in petaluma wept from 99 yesterday to 68 today. trust me you notice when you go from 92 in oakland, 66, 26 degree drop. san francisco was down 27 degrees. from 89 to 62 san jose down 20 degrees. 77 the high. a lot more people enjoying the weather. pretty good delta breeze rate now. south west to 39 miles an hour in fairfield and that is going to continue the better slipping weather conditions for tonight. sfo camera showing you some leincludes right now and here's a look at the temperatures. upper 50's for san jose san francisco already did you know to 55 in half man bay. oakland 66 degrees and lovely view from our camera. we have the low clouds around but unfoshtly won'tless very long that's why
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we are expecting a warm-up tomorrow. temperature mid 50's for santa rose, nap a.61 in livermore and life look from the golden gate bridge camera. fog is really not an issue tonight. just really low clouds. fog begin warm the next few days and it's a cooler pattern for the upcoming weekend. here's the satellite. radar. alignment of the wind flowing from the high to low brought in a strong sea breeze and that along with the low clouds really helped to take our temperatures down today to where you notice a difference. feel it out there. and even tonight it feels good outside if you do step out but tomorrow morning notice the patchy low clouds at 5:00 o'clock. don't last very long. coast klers quickly. sunny and warmer. 60's to 80's for your wednesday afternoon. as far as the morning is concerned it will be on the crisp side so make sure you bundled up. temperatures starting out in the 50's and then for the afternoon numbers going up for the south bay. 80 gilroy. 82 san jose. 86 los
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gatos. still very is in. just in the as cool as it was did. 81 on the peninsula redwood city. mountain view 67 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 71 degrees. 67 daly city. north bay you need the sun screens. mild warm day. 81 in san rafael. 84 nap a.85 santa rosa. east bay mid 70's. berkeley oakland inland spots you will be warmer but not too warm. 87 fair field life more. 85 in concord. accu-weather 7 day forecast fall arrives tomorrow and with will see the warm-up gichbility it last really through friday. warm weather. 70's to le90's and then temperatures will drop in time for any out door activity up come weekend. 60's to 80's i think we can live with that right dan. >> absolutely. >> keep it like this. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. skip the line. why you no listeninger have to witness for the morning cup of coffee at starbucks. >> ♪ happy birthday to you.
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>> and the birthday song >> and the birthday song finally free
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>> happy birthday to you. happy birthday. >> that's the president singing happy birthday recently. until now westerner brother has claimed a copy right to the song but this afternoon a federal judge in los angeles says warner doesn't hold availed cop wright. the judge said it only granted ritz to the arrangement not the actual song. attorney for the plaintiffs say happy birthday is finally free now after 80 years t.estimated warner took in about two million dollars a year in royalty. warper brother not immediately visible for comment. >> starbucks going high tech to get the coffee to you faster.
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coffee giant rolling out new order and paid mobile app. feature allow customers to place an order and pay for it on the phone then drop by and pick it up. service was offered on a limited number of cities this summer and is being rolled out nationwide today. >> another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 next. update on the bay area family missing after fire at the cabin. you will hear from neighbor who tells us about the argument he witnessed. >> also major reversal tonight after corporate take over drastically jacked up the prison of life saving drug. >> and alaska discovery changing the way scientist think about dinosaurs. another think about dinosaurs. another half hour of 7 news
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>> good evening wins again. we begin this half hour with update on the dispersons of be negligence family whose cabin in the sierra foot hills mysteriously went up in flames. adam but can an 7-year-old son gavin and the mother molly mcphee not seen in a week. 2 bodies were found in the ashes of the fire but who is remains are they and how did the fire start? unanswered questions at this point. george warren look for answers tonight in el dorado county. >>reporter: one year ago contractor adam buchanan paid 210,000 $for this unfinished log cabin on 19 wooded acres in the el dorado wooded county of greenwood. he wasted no time get to go work says a neighbor. >> i telephone seen him around the weekend. few times during the week they would be around but mostly a weekend. like a weekend place for them or something. >>reporter: weekend visits came to a tragic end week ago sunday. when fire destroyed the cab i hope and threatened
9:30 pm
to spread to neighboring properties. >> i got a phone call saying the fire 300 feet from the house so i raced home. i thought it was just the end of it just the fire then the next day is when we heard the details of remains being found. >>reporter: adam, molly and their 7-year-old son gavin haven't been seen since the fire. but the el dorado sheriff's is office says the destruction was so complete positive i.d. on the recovered rae means won't come until next week at the earliest. anybody regarded video of one of buchanan work truck being impounded several days ag after the fire but nobody here saw the family vehicle. newer white ford pick up. could this have been the truck detectives seized back at the family home in benetia. >> bunch of sheriff's showed u up. later on in the evening about 9 or 10 o'clock at night they towed away sot some white pickup truck. >> during the search authorities found the other son a 16-year-old in the house and they detained him briefly. boy
9:31 pm
is now said to be saying if with his grandmother in the family attorney seem to suggest that the teen is cooperating with authorities. so many questions about what happened in that log cabin and why. the sheriffs office promises some answers will come tomorrow. in el dorado county george warren abc 7 news. >> there is growing outrage tonight over a life saving drug and the sticker shock over the pricing that went from 18 dollars a tablet to 750 dollars a tablet overnight. anger aimed at one man. 32-year-old hedge fund manager behind the prison hike. he has been defiant until now and lindsay spoke with him in a news exclusive. >>reporter: overnight head lanes turn martin into most hated man in america after erased the prison of this drug more than 4000 percent. what do you say to your critic. people who say you are just being greedy. >> i think they have a fundamental misunderstanding of
9:32 pm
the way pharmaceutical company operate. at this price this drug is in the substantially profitable drug. >>reporter: 4000 percent increase got the attention of hillary clinton. she called it outrageous. and today demanded change. >> i won't have to pay more than 250 dollars a month for covered medication. >>reporter: but tonight this 32-year-old ceo telling us exclusively he's heard the public out cry. >> we have agreed toler the praise of the drug to a point that is more affordable and able to allow the company to make a profit but very small profit and we think the changes welcome. >>reporter: he says they still need to determine the cause. but he reiterate they give half away for free or dollar. fovrn else he programs it will be less than 750 dollars a pill. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> we'll report back when we necessity the prison. >> race to the white house. ben consider so that under fir for the controversial comments he made saying the american
9:33 pm
president should not be muslim. but tonight it percent he's beginning to waiver on the point. hears tom. >>reporter: at first christmas we have a bang up celebration at the white house. in ohio today dr. ben carson touting the christian faith but seem to go back away from the comments about muslims. >> would i not advocate that we put muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely with not agree with that. >> carson new tells me he warm front in problem with the muslim president but would have to prove they choose the cons stution over the quran. >> traditionally islam does not separate church and state. so they obviously are going to have to do a fairly significant departure from what they traditionally do is fine. are you asking for special test if condition at that time running for president as muslim. >> no. if christian run for president but they want to impose, i went support this either. >> face brook grew by more than
9:34 pm
100,000 like l but in the single candidate support him. rising car fiorina calling him in and out lit night. >> that's wrong. it says in our conditions stution that religion can not be a test for office. riding hay sinceless debate and flip side governor scott walker tweeting the picture today. back at work in wisconsin after dropping out of the race and encourage others to did the same. >> the voters can focus on limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front runner. >> tom reporting. pope francis not the only hi prosecute file visitor to the you this is week. chinese president ping arrived in seattle today where he met with 5 u.s. governors including jerry brown and separately with officials from boeing and make soft. he trvls to the nation capitol tomorrow for private dinner with president obama and formal state dinner at the white house
9:35 pm
friday night. among the key top he can how the u.s. and china can collaborate on energy and smarter electricity use and clean technology. >> scientist uncovered a new species of cold weather dinosaur. duck bill species roamed the earth 70 million years ago. university of alaska professor says it thrived in northern corner of alaska. there is a turning point that up to now has focus on warmer clients like the climate at you see in the film jurassic park. but this one did well in the bitter cold. >> next at 9:00. 7 news anchor amma reports from washington d c.she will examine in the controversial decision to make him a saichbility argument made him a saichbility argument made by
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>> this is 7 news. >> tomorrow pope from situations scheduled to bestow saint had had on california missionary the father of the state mission.0 are oversaw the construction of the first 9 mission from his san diego to san francisco all built by native americans. historian say sierra was complicated man work to go spread the word of god helping the spanish em pir agree but the cannon is controversial with many l people wonder how worthy sarah is of saint hood. here's amma. >> inside the mission lie remains one of california earliest colonist. the priest was missionary from the island off the coast of spain. left the island in the mid 30's to come to new spain or mexico. try to barometric pressure ties
9:40 pm
indian felt never heard the gospel. >> spain wanted to expand the territory into california. so the catholic church and military stake the claim by building missions in presidio. there was only one problem. there were already people here. native americans. he saw it as opportunity to save soul. >> he wanted american anything to appreciate to indian people. try to convince them catholic was salvation. >> when spanish ce it was brutal to our people. >> lopez the tribal chairman of the band of indian. >> people were doing fine. they lived on the listened for 10,000 years. >> lopez ancestor among the estimated 300,000 native americans in central southern california. arrival of the span issue was catastrophic. spanish brought disease that killed half the population. they also brought livestock that trample the plants the native americans ate. >> took away the custom. couldn't speak the language or
9:41 pm
practice the songs or ceremony. >> native americans were put to work be the mission including mission dolores where i'm standing are it now. it was one of the first 9 mission built by the navy i have americans under his order. those who escape the back breaking conditions were recap toured by spanish soldiers. tortured and subjected to beast. >> very liberal and quick with the whip. >> no evidence he himself actually carried out a beating. native americans say this doesn't absolve sarah of the pain he intimeed. the pope apologized for the church brutal behavior during colonel none sayings. and there was a conversation about healing the old wound. still lopez represents many catholic who say the priest shouldn't ab saint. >> he's going to be the patron saint oven slavement. >>reporter: lopez tribe has written to the pope repeatedly plead with him to in the make him a saint. so far no indication the pope will become down. native americans are planning to protest the cannon
9:42 pm
here in washington, d.c. but there will also be native americans inside the basilica for the mass. vatican invited each mission to send a descendents to the cannon. this is abc 7 news. >> now amma is there in washington tomorrow where the pope will officially make father sierra a saint. amma will report live at 11:00 o'clock tonight from washington over on abc 7. and at 4 5, 6, 11:00 o'clock tomorrow as well. please stay tune. >> coming up next at 9:00. coming of aim of virtual reality. and the one thing that will really help us take that will really help us take off.
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you. >> well if you start a tech company san francisco pier 70 certainly the police to be this week. abc 7 news reporter january thon shows you how start up try to change virtually everything. >> whether do you have here. >> the beer. >> don't let the outside fool you. >> are this is lenses for the eyeball. >> yes. there's a camera. the head moving is this bar. >> not just for gyms. virtual reality just leveled up her at. >> people come here to do deals to. connect the tires on new technology company. >> the company bring the a gam game. >> the first p c inspired by sci-fi in film and wanted it so badly decided to make it ourselves. from virtual object to virtual world you walk in maybe with real human tour guide. >> he was following me around. >> perhaps most important thing for virtual reality to really take off is having something interest to go watch. that's why whole should of company
9:47 pm
have product aimed at the tv movie industry hoping to put you in the next general rigs of block busters. >> if green screen in the past put up our camp rand software and now the person is live in 3d. >> let viewer roam around inside a them full of famous actor or on stage in concert. >> this is 6 camera right here that we are stitching together this rig shared the stage with you 2. >> keep it real rock and roll bust it on a mick stand. >> a bigger one performer can wear. >> look down and see the shoulder and see this and feel lake you are that person. >> far ci from a tv screen. >> this is actually a place. we experience it as a place we two to rather than something we see. >> so much that one company building world they say can help patients recover if surgery. >> helping people to handle pain without the need for drug. >> virtual world for idea and no tell which will succeed. >> many of the company won't be around next year. that's the way the cookie crumble. >> this is abc 7 news is that
9:48 pm
the changes coming so if his. >> lets talk about the changes coming to the weather forecast. sand why is back with more heat. >> yes. just when you thought the cooling trend with continue the not quite tomorrow we warm it become up as fall arrives. we see some patchy low includes near the bay and around the coast. doing so that traveling it's going to be hot down in the december are the. 103 palm springs. yes los angeles. sunshine tahoe 79 agrees and 70 in monterey. bay area high pressure coming up if you degrees but not uncomfortable tomorrow. upper 80's for the warmest inland investment upper 60's low 70's near the coast. mild to warm for your first day of fall. fall officially starts at 1:21 tomorrow morning and you look at the temperature trend for san jose. above a tomorrow. why degrees warming up thursday friday and then falling again as you hit the weekend so bit of a see saw effect accu-weather 7 day foregoth we are all about
9:49 pm
pleasing everyone. bump up the temperature for few days then we go right become down again so if you do have any out door plans for the upcoming weekend 60's to 80's in the mild to warm range. at least something that most people will enjoy. >> one stop weather shopping. >> we might be on to something. >> aim to please. >> thanks very much. >> lawyers for the non-profit people for the ethical treatment of animal file suit in san francisco today over photographs known as the monkey selfie. the shot were taken by 6-year-old the 4 years ago and worldwide attention draw. >> federal court in san francisco simply ask for him to be declared the author and owner of the copy right of the monkey selfie because he took the photograph. just like any human being would be deemed the author and copy right owner of a photograph like that if they took it. >>reporter: petition a contend
9:50 pm
all the proceed from the picture should benefit the monkey and other monkey living in indonesian reserve. photographer contend he owns the rights and he's sad by the lawsuit because he considers hill self an animal advocate. he wants his rights. >> interesting dilemma there. >> i thought it was ridiculous at first. he should get the money. whatever. about the photographer did he really he really. >> he took the picture himself but with the photographer camera it's complicated. >> open up a whole pan door a box. my dog horsepower to tell brandon its suing for the right of his own image now. >> l fans get what they want finally. from the a's one day finally. from the a's one day this season f.a's give barry
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sw. >> we told you earlier about the elderly driver in the east bay who accidentally hit and killed a woman earlier today. coming up on 7 news at 11:00.
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highway patrol is now doing to prevent similar accidents in the future. >> san francisco start up make a major play for the bay area real estate market but this daily is outside the city. those stories and more more and the pope visit and that's on the pope visit and that's on channel 7 at 11 >> larry is here with all the sports tonight. >> we really want to see this one thing happen and look like it wasn't going to happen night is going to had a. immediate why pushing for it. today the a's say they will make it happen. saturday barry will pitch against old teammate tim in a big 3 reyawn in the early 2000. first seven years of his career wearing green and gold before he hopped across the bay for 7 more. won cy young in 02. on hand this weekend made up the ambiguous 3. spent the
9:55 pm
first 6 seasons of the career about they were all great together. join the giants last year just in time to pick up a world series ring and face each other on saturday. triple a this season. a block calling him up. he wants to good beyond the 50 pitches saturday great celebration day for a fans who will frankly haven't had a lieutenant to enjoy this year. >> zito tonight with the a's hostsing the rangers. 2 consecutive triple we give the a a lead in the second inning. marcus to deep center. perez and the score. 2-1 a's in the fifth. josh flare to mike in left. i got i got it i ain't got it. and then i full down. error allows the score in the eighth. with a lead. and shawn right back. false ball crushed by mitch. 2 run blast.
9:56 pm
rang hers a sac. fly and right now the score is 6-5 rangers in the eighth. they talk shop tonight in san diego. former cal the dominant. struck out 8 of the first 9 guy he face including tomlinson to end the third. here's why you don't want to be a catcher. brown take a pitch from chris and bounces into his throat. somehow brown stayed in the game because he's tougher than all of us. what does doe? gets the first major league hit in the fifth. double to score the game first run and and right now the score is make it 4-2 giants over the padres san diego just scored a few second ago. 4-2 in the seventh. if you watch the stanford usc gym on saturday tonight it was amaze to go see kevin l play so well. especially after look like he suffered a potentially catastrophic knee injury. scary thick. hogan before led
9:57 pm
cardinal to a win over sc and i don't know after taking the hit you see what happens to the knee. how he was able to keep going. the knee brace probably saved his season. hogan suffered ankle injury on the play and listed as questionable for friday night game at other again state and teammate christian the talked about his senior qb. >> i lake to think of him as silent guard an. dark knight kind of thing. just because he doesn't say whole lot. he's not very vocal. but he is best leader on our team because of the way he plays. i it this usc game is a perfect example of that. >> went out there and played extremely well and limp become and forth between the huddle and lane of scrimmage and then he scramble late. just gritted and did it and our team already respects him but i think people got an idea of how tough the young man is. >> missed extra point in the final second at texas. cal now
9:58 pm
3 and o they head in pack 12 play saturday at washington. bears have a chance to go number since 2007 and this went wrong. really after this play it was all downhill. the fumble. trade to reach across the score on the goal license leading to 100 yard return and uw win 31-7. they went up front. really open beth side of the ball last year. i think the guys we embarrassed. certainly we didn't do very good job getting them ready. for that game as coaches and came in here and humiliated us really and just physically beat us up. and out coached us and out played us. >> people complain there aren't enough goal if soccer. no problem today. robert if scored 5 goal in 8 minutes. coming off the bench l cluster
9:59 pm
of gel and the history that's the german league. i like screaming that. familiarity fifth one by robert as he was in mid-air. 7 sports brought to you by toyota i'm out of time. >> has a ring to it thanks very much. >> this edition of 7 news at 9 for sand why and all of us we appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues now object line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our new abc 7 news app. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. enjoy the rest of channel 7. enjoy the rest of the evening. see you in a bit.
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